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Most of Shipman's victims were elderly women, in good health for their age, killed by injecting lethal doses of diamorphine (the pharmaceutical name for heroin). As his legacy seeped through the medical community, the topic of doctors helping patients to die - already highly sensitive - became even more uncomfortable. But it wasn't always so.

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"I recognize that under great stress abuses can occur in even the best departments," Bates said in the statement. "I support a full review of our response to investigate any improper use of force and also to learn lessons we can apply in the future."

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The Guardian won its first Pulitzer Prize earlier this year for its coverage of the Edward Snowden leaks that brought attention to the intrusive surveillance taking place at the National Security Agency.


Exactly how smoking cigarettes might increase menstrual pain is not entirely clear, but it may happen via a decrease in the amount of oxygen available to the uterus, Dr. Jennifer Leighdon Wu, an obstetrician/gynecologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, told Reuters Health in a phone interview.

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The comments highlight growing division within the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Core Gulf producers have the cash reserves to ride out a spell of lower prices, while more vulnerable economies like Venezuela's are already strained by sub-$100 crude.

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One cruel twist is that CF can be a lonely and solitary condition as us CFers are advised not to meet face-to-face for fear of making ourselves more ill from cross-infection (different people can carry different bacteria). It means we cannot socialise easily or give each other regular support.

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It involved widening the pelvis to ease childbirth by dividing the cartilage of the pubic bone. However, the operation caused severe side-effects in many women, including life-long pain, incontinence, mobility problems and psychological problems.

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She said she would dedicate her prize money to the Malala Foundation – starting by building schools in her home country of Pakistan where she survived an attack by the Taliban on her school bus two years ago.

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At the same time, the Chicago-based independentbroker-dealer HighTower Advisors LLC hired away one of MerrillLynch's veteran brokers who had $225 million in client assetsand who had been with the firm for more than 30 years.

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Baer, who fled his native Germany with his family in 1938 ahead of the Second World War, spent much of his career working on advanced radar systems for a defense company before turning his attention to interactive video games in the late 1960s.

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The Xbox, which sells for 3,699 yuan ($598), currently has10 titles on sale in China, mainly censor-friendly sportinggames such as "Forza Motorsport 5". Microsoft has not releasedXbox sales figures for China.

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"WADA must ensure that all athletes who have cheated, either at national or international level, are dealt with in an appropriate fashion under the World Anti-Doping Code," the Montreal-based organization said.

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The intelligence committee's 500-page release concluded that the CIA inflicted suffering on al-Qaida prisoners beyond its legal authority and that none of the agency's "enhanced interrogations" provided critical, life-saving intelligence. It cited the CIA's own records, documenting in detail how waterboarding and lesser-known techniques such as "rectal feeding" were actually employed.

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Another man quietly told Reuters in English, "Don't worry, this country will be free very soon. These people are very bad, the communists." He was then grabbed by police and hauled away in a squad car.

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As one of three core players who sources said are being shopped by the Nets, Williams took on the role of team spokesman, per usual, with fellow trade danglers Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson missing the trip to Chicago because of separate ailments.

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On Wednesday, Mr Valls acknowledged stiff resistance to the plans from within the ruling Socialist Party, remarking that the planned reforms were "more popular with the French voters than with some in public life".

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“At this point, sitting down with trainers and coaches and seeing what’s best for everybody. If it’s best for me to sit out, take some time to get it right, then that’s a decision we’ll have to make. But they’ll have to pull me out.”

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But he added: "He should ask for the material relating to Britain - which, at the request of his government, was withheld under the protocol that allies don't spill each other's secrets - he should obtain it and publish it so we will know whether there is material to show that intelligence services from Britain have collaborated."

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In New York, a group calling itself the NY Justice League asked local officials to fire Officer Daniel Pantaleo over Garner's death. They also urged the state to name a special prosecutor to investigate the Garner case and called for clearer laws regarding police use of lethal force.

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Abu Ein, who was convicted of killing two young Israelis in a bomb attack in 1979 and released as part of a prisoner swap in 1985, was a vocal opponent of Israel's settlement expansion in the West Bank, which Palestinians want as part of an independent state together with Gaza and East Jerusalem.

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If oil settled around $60 a barrel, this "wouldsignificantly increase the risk of default" by alreadyjunk-rated Venezuela, Moody's said, whereas the effect on Russiacould be moderated by its large foreign exchange reserves.

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"The city is running the city, with some financial oversight on budgetary matters," said Michigan Governor Rick Snyder about the financial review commission. "My goal is probably to have (the commission) be as least active as possible."

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"It points the way to the next crucial step that Brazilneeds to take: making sure that those who committed atrocitiesare finally brought to justice," said Maria Laura Canineu,Brazil director at Human Rights Watch. (Additional reporting by Jeferson Ribeiro; Editing by KieranMurray)

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OPEC long downplayed the wide-ranging impact of shale oil development in the U.S. The group first acknowledged that U.S. shale plays could impact demand for OPEC oil in 2013, after referring to shale oil as “a source of marginal additions” in its 2011 World Oil Outlook.

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He said that the combination of a strong U.S. dollar, an abundant supply of oil and weaker demand from Europe and Asia is all leading to the huge pullback. And it could get worse before it gets better.