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A few hours later, Scott responded to his former Lakers backcourt mate by stressing the importance of establishing a winning climate surrounding Kobe Bryant. Scott says tanking wouldn’t be entertained by the Lakers, whose 6-16 record is tied for the second-worst in the Western Conference.

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Despite the heavy toll that obesity takes on their bodiesand the country's creaking hospitals, many South Africans sharecultural values that glorify men with bulging bellies assuccessful and women with rounded hips as beautiful.


Clean-up teams have started sucking up the slick and have dug pools and erected barriers to stop it spreading further. But they warned that any rainfall could swell the black streams and overwhelm their defenses.

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As Pascal seemingly could not deliver what Rudin was asking for, the producer wrote a bold e-mail to the exec, telling her not to involve Fincher in Jolie's project and questioning the actress' acting chops and attitude.

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"VCs can be a bad influence and are not a good role modelfor students," says Vivek Wadhwa, a fellow at Stanford's RockCenter for Corporate Governance. Faculty members who aren'tventure capitalists counter that VCs provide invaluablereal-world insights.

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"These methods which are repulsive, which I do not accept, which are not justifiable, did not bring anything good. And that is the real catastrophe of the US, that is the real catastrophe of the CIA, that is the real catastrophe of George Bush."

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The Pahoa Village Road remains open to all traffic and motorists are advised to exercise caution as some utility pole protection material remains in place. Everyone is asked to please respect the residents of the area who were affected by the lava flow and to not trespass on private property.

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The American Society for Radiation Oncology approved a shorter course of radiation treatment in 2011— higher doses of radiation over three weeks instead of a lower dose over five to seven weeks. The shorter term is just as effectivefor women who haven't had chemotherapy before and who are over age 50, researchshows.

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Barber was to invest in two businesses set up by hisroom-mates: NeoReach, a marketing firm founded by Leimgruber;and an identity-verification company, BlockScore. Mostenterprise startups take at least a couple of years to get offthe ground, but he and Mochary say interest from biggerinstitutional investors in their startups is promising.

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"This upward revision implies slightly stronger momentum for services consumption heading into the fourth quarter, but is of little significance to our forecast for fourth-quarter GDP growth," said Daniel Silver, an economist at JPMorgan in New York.

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United Tech shares have lagged those of HoneywellInternational Inc this year amid concerns about profitgrowth in 2015, and trade at a 3 percent discount to its rivalon a forward price-to-earnings ratio basis, according to ThomsonReuters data. United Tech shares were off nearly 1 percent to$113.90 on Wednesday.

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"She says that she doesn't want her precious feet to hit the floor," the insider added, who reportedly saw Grande demand to be carried by her staff while filming a music video and during rehearsals for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which aired Tuesday.

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"I was very comfortable being photographed by Desiree which is strange because I generally hate having my photograph taken. I think what made it easier is that I was playing a character in an overall story so the picture was less about what I looked like and really more just a piece of the story. To me this is an interesting way to approach a portrait as I don't think we really are the component parts that make up our faces and bodies, I think we are much more than that. There was also the physical aspect of actually holding up a tree in heels which took up most of my energy so I had little time to ask questions like, 'What should I do with my hands?' or 'Is my lipstick on my teeth?'"

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On the slightly lighter side, there have been some embarrassing leaks. A document detailing suggestions from staff of ways to improve the company contained many less-than-complimentary mentions of comedian and actor Adam Sandler.