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Gene drive - a DNA cutting and pasting machine that can manipulate genetic code as it is passed from parent to offspring - boosts this inheritance rate.

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The combined company would control nearly a third of the global beer market.

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What's left for the crew - generally four people - is very cramped, maybe the size of a bed

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He must be embarrassed that his brother George W

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“This is a huge development for our city and for the entire region,” Mayor John Lee said Tuesday

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As we left, another curious campervan turned up, tentatively searching the site

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Dupuis wasn’t having a good season, but he was still an invaluable personality in a dressing room that all too often seemed anything but insulated from fan and media noise.

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It knows it will be spending more time and resources dealing with disasters that climate change has made more frequent and severe

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Both Bieber and Adele's new albums will qualify for Grammy nominations next year since they were released after Sept

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Arriving in the Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara, the Duchess looked stunning, but more than that, it was a touching tribute to William's mother Diana who once owned the diamond and pearl piece.

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The show is way more effective when focusing on Fitz and Simmons or Morse and Hunter and having the power stuff in the background or held for a special moment.

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Forsomeone as given to self-aggrandizement as Trump this isimportant, but you don't have to have an insatiable appetite forpublicity for this to give a payoff.

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see our savings vanish, and that's even before we buy baby stuff."

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pose serious potential risks for the UK economy, although rising earnings and disposable incomes, lower inflation and a strong labour market will help growth.”

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Completing these Situations helps you boost your progress before you get underway with multiplayer by leveling up one or two levels.

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After our surreal dip, we had breakfast in what could be called the pool’s car park, a 20-minute walk back towards the road

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Considering the way Brock Osweiler has been playing quarterback, Broncos coach Gary Kubiak is going to have a rough decision about who to start once Peyton Manning gets healthy

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