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Less than 4% of those surveyed said that they consistently check the weight of children during consultations and when it comes to consultations involving overweight children and their parents, just 8% always bring the issue up for discussion.

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Durst, who has been questioned about but never charged with several mysterious deaths and disappearances, is accused of violating a restraining order to keep away from relatives, including his brother, Durst Organization President Douglas Durst, in June 2013.

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They also said that there is a need to ‘increase pressure on policy makers to reduce levels of air pollution'. They emphasised that fossil fuels are a major source of air pollution and greenhouse gases.

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The Guatemalan government defended its use of isolation, saying "patients are held in isolation for only two hours at a time" and constantly monitored. The government also claimed no-one was being held in isolation during our visit.

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At McDonald's, offering such customization may not be that easy; the company has noted that "complicated" orders for "Create Your Taste" could take five to seven minutes, compared with just a couple minutes for regular items.

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No wonder the NHS is fast becoming unsustainable. This pay gap will become ever wider on further promotion of managers, whose accountabilities and responsibilities appear so unclear to many of us as we never see them.

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"We are sorry about his (Abu Ein's) death," Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said in a statement. He said Israel was investigating the incident as well as taking part in the autopsy. "Security stability is important for both sides and we will continue coordinating with the Palestinian Authority."


Merrill's hires include the four-person team of Deryl HeathMcGallion, Christopher Davis, Stan Davis and Hugh Hawkins, whojoined Merrill's Beaumont, Texas, office on Dec. 5 from UBSFinancial Services, where they managed $395 million in assetsand generated $3.9 million in revenues.

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Pope Francis was the last year’s Person of the Year. The Argentinian was elected to the position in March 2013 in a slew of firsts: He is the first Jesuit pope, the first from the Americas and the first non-European since 741.


While Cosby will be lampooned by "South Park's" holiday special, airing Wednesday on Comedy Central, the comedian faced more intense scrutiny when six of his accusers appeared Monday on CNN to discuss the allegations against him.

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I’m having a hard time believing Drake stole,from Diddy. If that is the case other producers would be saying the same which would back up,Diddy’s claim. Also nobody wanted to hear Diddy on that track. Also if Drake did steal from him, wouldn’t he have pressed charges on Drake after the song got hot, and not when the song is betting a bit old for some people. Not taking sides, but punching Drake doesn’t justify what Diddy did, it would have been easy if Diddy just sued Drake for the earnings for the song.

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Stanford's graduation rates have dipped somewhat in recentyears. Of students who enrolled in 2009, 90 percent hadgraduated within five years, Stanford said, compared with afive-year graduation rate of 92.2 percent five years earlier.Some students say they are quitting to start companies. Stanfordsays it doesn't track the reasons students leave.

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"From meteorites, spectroscopic measurements of asteroids and even the fairly recent discovery of a few 'asteroidal comets,' some types of asteroid contain quite a bit of water in clay minerals and possibly ice," Alexander said.

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Danone could also use the proceeds from a sale to help funda takeover of U.S. infant formula maker Mead Johnson NutritionGroup, a potential deal which sources familiar with thematter have said it wants to pursue.

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Last year the Missouri Department of Corrections dropped plans to use propofol as an execution drug because of concerns that the move could create a shortage of the popular anesthetic if the EU restricted its export.

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The prime minister of the semi-autonomous Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq, Nechirvan Barzani, has been speaking about the recent billion-dollar oil deal reached with the central Iraqi government in Baghdad, and the fight against Islamic State (IS).