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When we think of taking an island vacation, many of us immediately think of clear blue waters, cloudless skies and warm, sandy beaches. However, not all island are created equal. In fact, some islands are just plain weird.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Top spies past and present campaigned Wednesday to discredit the Senate's investigation into the CIA's harrowing torture practices after 9/11, battling to define the historical record and deter potential legal action around the world.

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"If you are a customer, it's a lot easier to pay more when you see your sales are increasing due to low fuel prices," said Eric Marshall, who helps manage the Hodges Small Cap fund. He said he recently bought Swift and other trucking companies for the first time in more than a decade.

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“There’s still a huge affection for the iPod Classic and it’s not hard to see why — Spotify might offer 20 million songs, but 120GB of music is more than most people need, and your iTunes library doesn’t carry data charges or a subscription fee. Also, I think the Classic is a more distraction-free listening experience — I’m more likely to get through a full album on one.”

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"KFC has been doing kitchen tours for years in different markets around the globe as a way to educate consumers about our freshly prepared chicken," U.S.-based Yum spokeswoman Virginia Ferguson wrote in an email.