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The move has proved hugely unpopular and has been described by campaigners as the most contentious austerity measure imposed on Irish citizens since Ireland’s economic collapse in 2008. It has also spawned a vibrant mass movement in its wake.

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The games I played on that console, and on the PlayStation consoles that came after, shaped both my personal love of gaming and the wider industry in a profound way. This is particularly true in New Zealand, where the Xbox struggled to get a foothold and Nintendo was virtually unheard of. PlayStation had exclusive games that really appealed to Kiwis - properties that still hold sway today.

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While Cosby will be lampooned by "South Park's" holiday special, airing Wednesday on Comedy Central, the comedian faced more intense scrutiny when six of his accusers appeared Monday on CNN to discuss the allegations against him.

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I’m having a hard time believing Drake stole,from Diddy. If that is the case other producers would be saying the same which would back up,Diddy’s claim. Also nobody wanted to hear Diddy on that track. Also if Drake did steal from him, wouldn’t he have pressed charges on Drake after the song got hot, and not when the song is betting a bit old for some people. Not taking sides, but punching Drake doesn’t justify what Diddy did, it would have been easy if Diddy just sued Drake for the earnings for the song.

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Stanford's graduation rates have dipped somewhat in recentyears. Of students who enrolled in 2009, 90 percent hadgraduated within five years, Stanford said, compared with afive-year graduation rate of 92.2 percent five years earlier.Some students say they are quitting to start companies. Stanfordsays it doesn't track the reasons students leave.

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"From meteorites, spectroscopic measurements of asteroids and even the fairly recent discovery of a few 'asteroidal comets,' some types of asteroid contain quite a bit of water in clay minerals and possibly ice," Alexander said.

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Danone could also use the proceeds from a sale to help funda takeover of U.S. infant formula maker Mead Johnson NutritionGroup, a potential deal which sources familiar with thematter have said it wants to pursue.

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Last year the Missouri Department of Corrections dropped plans to use propofol as an execution drug because of concerns that the move could create a shortage of the popular anesthetic if the EU restricted its export.

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The prime minister of the semi-autonomous Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq, Nechirvan Barzani, has been speaking about the recent billion-dollar oil deal reached with the central Iraqi government in Baghdad, and the fight against Islamic State (IS).

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For sure, Widodo faces plenty of obstacles to gettingstalled infrastructure work onto a fast-track. He lacks aparliamentary majority and also has to fight decades ofentrenched cronyism, red-tape and land-acquisition challenges.

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The babies will be the first twins in the royal household, which dates to the 13th century, but they will not share the throne. Albert says the first one out will be first in line, unless a boy and a girl emerge. In that case the boy becomes the royal heir, reflecting the male priority of Monaco's laws of succession.

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Create your database now. Begin importing important stats on people in your network: birthdays, names of partners/spouses, children, college attended, organizations, interests, favorite food and so on. You can use a formal customer relationship management system, a simple Excel spreadsheet or the LinkedIn contact notes section.

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"Meanwhile, the team will have to comply with the two requirements imposed by the License Commission. The combined effect of this is that the Astana Pro Team can be considered very much to be on probation."

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The aim for Facebook’s “digital assistant” is that it will analyse every action by a user with the social network, beyond photos to videos and interactions, and give them more control such as notifications when other users post unauthorised photos .

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Kantin Kwari is the biggest textile market in Kano, where people from neighbouring states and other parts of the country come for transactions, the BBC's Habiba Adamu reports from the capital Abuja.

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"I don't forecast a bear market in bonds," Gross said on theForbes & RIA Database Advisor Playbook iConference webcast.Gross, portfolio manager of the Janus Global Unconstrained BondFund, reiterated his views that when the Fed beginsmoving the federal-funds rate, it must be cautious and probablyneeds to stop between 2 percent and 3 percent.

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Calling actors self-involved is, true or not, a relatively easy joke. Yet conventional wisdom has often held that as much as Hollywood loves to make movies about Hollywood, those movies do not necessarily do well with audiences at the box office or get much award recognition.

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The government is trying to boost public support for the reform bill by stressing how measures like opening up long-distance bus routes to competition would cut prices and mean more destinations would be served.

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"Group life may shield people from depression. However, this can only happen when one subjectively identifies with in-groups. In addition, the more groups we identify with, the better our mental health is likely to be," commented Prof Fabio Sani of the University of Dundee.

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Complaining of a lack of support from its European partners, Italy has now halted a sea rescue mission, Mare Nostrum, that has saved tens of thousands of lives. A limited EU surveillance scheme will replace it.

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For its part, the Nigerian government has rounded on the US, with its Washington ambassador, Ade Adefuye, saying the Americans' refusal to sell military hardware to Nigeria was hampering efforts to quell the insurgency.

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Republicans are expected to try to use the expiration as leverage to force Mr Obama to roll back a executive action that ended the threat of deportation for about five million of the estimated 11 million immigrations living in the US illegally.

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According to information published by the Department of Justice, Devine's kickback scheme began in 2007 after which he agreed to pass on product forecasts, pricing targets and product specifications to manufacturers in return for cash. Some of the payments were tied to the size of the deal the supplier or manufacturer managed to sign with Apple.

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Also commenting on the report, Dr Aileen McGloin of Safefood, emphasised that ‘everyone has a role to play in influencing and enabling young boys and men to develop adequate food skills and have a healthy diet'.

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German supermarket chain Aldi said in a statement: "Withregard to the regulations on opening on Sundays, the companywill support any measures that apply to all players of theretail sector equally, without discrimination."

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It comes as Ukraine’s military accused separatists of violating a truce on the ‘Day of Silence’ on Tuesday. The ceasefire had been declared with the aim of securing a new round of peace talks.

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"She says that she doesn't want her precious feet to hit the floor," the insider added, who reportedly saw Grande demand to be carried by her staff while filming a music video and during rehearsals for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which aired Tuesday.


There's a moist heating pad called a Thermophore that you can get in some drug stores or medical supply places. You put it on top of your mattress, under the mattress pad and sheet and you'll be very happy.

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Nearly 5 million people were murdered in 2012, and among men ages 14 to 55 it is the third-leading caused of death, states the report. Four out of 5 homicides are male, even when killings during war are not included. The total is 16 percent lower than it was 10 years earlier.

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As an example he cites a campaign in Germany, where a retailer in a train station targeted messages at males of a certain age group, reminding them that the next day was Valentine's Day. This resulted in a high proportion of them buying last-minute gifts.

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China, which was the latest emerging giant to feel themarket heat this week, came in for particular attention as theBIS said total cross-border bank loans to China had more thandoubled to $1.1 trillion in just 18 months to June and Chinesehave borrowed $360 billion in international debt securities.

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"Collectively, we need to look beyond the costs commonly associated with ageing to think about the benefits that an older, healthier, happier, and more productive older population can bring to society as a whole," added Dr Somnath Chatterji, also of the WHO.

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Messenger RNA (mRNA) conveys coded information from a gene to the ribosome molecule in cells which then translates the information into protein. The underlying cause of many diseases is a lack of sufficient levels of functional protein.

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Scotland’s Deputy First Minister John Swinney said: “I think it’s important to remember that this is weather which is characteristic of winter weather in Scotland and what’s important is that we take the necessary steps to prepare for it.”

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In just the past decade, McDonald's has added 100 items to its menu, Andres said. While that has driven up sales, it also complicated the menu and made it harder for people to quickly decide what they want.

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After months of infighting over Israel's handling of stalled U.S.-sponsored peace talks with the Palestinians, the 2015 state budget and nationalist legislation, Netanyahu last week fired Livni from his cabinet, in effect ending the conservative governing coalition in favor of an early election.

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It noted that over 40% of children in Chad, Yemen and Egypt who are aged between just two and 14, are subjected to severe physical punishment, such as being hit on the head or face, or being hit hard and repeatedly.

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Jo Morgan, Ofsted Regional Director for the North West, said "It is a credit to teachers and school leaders that the educational outcomes for children and learners in the North West are improving. Eighty-six per cent of children are now going to a primary school that is good or outstanding.