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The move would give the family and people close to them themajority of board seats, and reinforce ranks should Sika's boardand management opposing the sale of 52.4 percent of the votingrights to Saint-Gobain make good on their threat to walk out.

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While still Britain's biggest grocer by far, Tesco's days ofachieving startling growth appear to be over. However, some fundmanagers tasked with hunting out cheap stocks ripe for a reboundare taking the plunge.

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“Since we’ve made them feel safe again, they start complaining that we did too much,” said Hayden, who also questions the accuracy of the report. “No one involved with the program can even imagine how they got to this conclusion.”

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"There's much more plastic pollution out there than recentestimates suggest," said Marcus Eriksen, research director forthe Los Angeles-based 5 Gyres Institute, which studies this kindof pollution.

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TOKYO, Dec 11 (Reuters) - An election sweep for JapanesePrime Minister Shinzo Abe this weekend looks like a safe bet,but some are betting that the consequences for Japan could becalamitous - a collapse in the yen and uncontrolled inflation.

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“Defense is important, but so is offense. We’re going to have to score more runs than the other team, so that’s a combination of pitching and offense,” Alderson said. “So we’re mindful of the importance of defense, and the importance of defense to pitching generally. But given the fact that we think we’re going to have better pitching than most, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we need to have more defense than most. So it’s a balance.”