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A small area of the Admiralty camp, around the Citic Tower, was also cleared in mid-November after the building's owners secured an injunction. A third camp remains in the Causeway Bay shopping district.


Fearful that some remittances being sent to countries in eastern Africa, the Middle East and South Asia could be being used to fund terrorist activities, a number of smaller money transfer companies were shut down.

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Speaking at the second public hearing of the Benghazi panel, Gowdy said the U.S. must learn from the past to prevent repeat incidents like the attack that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans.

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According to Mr David Keegan, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at the Mater Hospital in Dublin, who helped develop the guide, access to credible information can be difficult, so this will be ‘a great resource' for patients and professionals working in this area.

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Croatia is poised to launch a fresh feasibility study on aterminal with a projected annual capacity of 4 to 6 billioncubic metres (bcm) and hopes to win political and financialbacking of EU states and Washington.

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BowelScreen began last year and currently offers free screening to people aged 60-69. So far, over 250,000 people have been invited to take part and the current participation rate is 45%. From these, almost 200 cases of bowel cancer have already been detected.

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A variety of factors — some global and others local — appear to be driving the growth in concentrated poverty. Growing income inequality in the United States is thinning the number of families in the middle class and increasing the numbers of high-income and low-income households. Real wages have declined for moderately skilled workers. And local land use restrictions in many metro areas segregate rich and poor and make it difficult to increase density in areas where there is demand for additional housing.

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This tool couldn't come at a better time. The CDC predicts this season could be worse than others, with the virus having mutated and the flu vaccine no longer being the best match for the most common strain.

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"All other transport/ taxi service providers through web-based technology, who are not recognised, are prohibited from providing such services... till they get licence/permission from the transport department," S Roy Biswas, Delhi's deputy commissioner of transport, said.

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The team hopes the astronauts will take to Raspberry Pi similarly to millions of children around the world and will experiment with it beyond the four hours of Tim Peake’s time allocated by the UK Space Agency for the experiments.

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She added: “If a procedure is unnecessary for physical or mental health and is not carried out in connection with childbirth, then it is an offence even if the woman on whom the procedure is carried out consented. Ultimately, it would be for a court to decide if purely cosmetic surgery constitutes mutilation and is therefore illegal.”

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Mr Rusbridger had been "instrumental" in the paper's pursuit of investigative journalism - including when it published details of controversial files leaked by Edward Snowden and Wikileaks, our correspondent said.

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The FTSE 100 Index, which slid 2 per cent on Tuesday, had been in positive territory for much of the session but the oil slump meant the top flight finished 29.43 points lower at 6,500.04 - its lowest level since the start of last month.

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Possibly the most ambitious area for cooperation will be innuclear energy, where Putin is pushing for state-owned Rosatomto increase the number of nuclear reactors it could supply to asmany as 25.