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UNMEER was formed with the mandate to coordinate the billion-dollar local and international effort aimed primarily at stopping Ebola’s spread in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and neighboring countries, and, on December 1, its top leaders publicly claimed a dramatic measure of success.


Wednesday also marks the end of Kevyn Orr's 21-month term as Detroit's state-appointed emergency manager. He told reporters that the city was wrapping up wire transfers, disbursements and other matters to end the historic bankruptcy.

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Kailash Satyarthi ended his Nobel lecture with "Let us March" and Malala Yousafzai declared 'Let us begin today" Both see one of the world's most distinguished honours as a weapon in their fight for every child's right to be educated, and not to work in childhood.

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And of course wearables - from smart watches to gadgets such as Jawbone's Up or the Fitbit - are getting increasingly clever at monitoring a range of body functions from heart rate, calorie intake and sleep patterns.

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Human Rights Watch (HRW) said it was the first time thatmembers of the tobacco industry had jointly agreed to abide byinternational labour law, which prohibits hazardous work bychildren under 18 and the employment of children under 15.

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Less than two months ago Italy announced it would halt a sea rescue mission - Mare Nostrum - that had saved the lives of more than 100,000 migrants from Africa and the Middle East since it began over a year ago.

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Statistics compiled by Lutheran Hospital show that from November 29 through December 6, 46 of 121 tests came back positive for Influenza A and one tested positive for Influenza B. In 2013, from November 29 to December 3, only 29 tests were conducted with only one coming back positive for the flu.

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Exxon's 1998 merger with Mobil is widely held to be one ofthe most successful tie-ups in any industry. Within five years,it had the same number of employees as before the deal, but thebusiness was 50-60 percent larger.

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Getting into the top league table rankings would not be the point of this investment, he says. But it would be an important indicator of how France can create a much more concentrated and globally competitive research base.

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Sky Fibre is promising speeds of up to 38Mbps, but it should be noted that the plan isn’t unlimited, it comes with a 25GB per month usage cap. The new deal is geared towards users who are looking for superfast browsing but at the same time do not consume a lot of data. Users who sign up for Sky Fibre plan will also get access to Sky Broadband Shield security product at no extra cost.

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What may be more surprising is that married people are a whopping 61 percent less likely to be involuntarily out of work than unmarried ones. And immigrants are somewhat less likely to be unemployed than native citizens (naturalized citizens by 19 percent and non-citizens by 32 percent).

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BlockScore helps financial-services companies verify customer identities. By last April, Meier and his Stanford partner John Backus faced a dilemma. They had to deliver a crucial computer-science assignment at the same time as writing a presentation they’d been invited to make to potential investors through an off-campus program for startups, Plug & Play.

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The irony, of course, is that this isn’t a case of her detractors digging into her past. Lena Dunham raised these questions about herself, in her own book, and put her publisher in the position of having to pony up money to head off legal action.

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Hong Kong Federation of Students leader Alex Chow said hisgroup and Scholarism, the other main student group backing theprotests, were urging everyone who had participated to return toAdmiralty on Thursday morning in an act of civil disobedience.