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That summer he crashed a conference given by 500 Startups, apopular program for entrepreneurs. At lunch, he found himselfsitting next to Matt Mochary, a 46-year-old who started atechnology-services company in the 1990s and was now involved inthe early-stage funding known as "angel" investing.

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Poland was home to Europe's largest Jewish community beforethe outbreak of war in 1939, but the Holocaust all but wiped itout. Nazi concentration camps including Auschwitz and Treblinkawere located on Polish soil. (Reporting by Marcin Goettig)

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But the work of Rosenthal and others established that there was more to it than that for some people. The cultural idea of many people being less happy in winter was not to obscure the fact that for a smaller group of people something more serious was happening. "It becomes a medical thing when it has consequences in people's lives, like not being able to get to work or their quality of life going down the drain," says Rosenthal.

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“It would be a little bit foolish to make a long-term commitment if we felt we had some shortstop prospects that weren’t too far away,” Sandy Alderson told the Daily News. “You start with a guy like (Matt) Reynolds and all the way down to a guy like (Amed) Rosario.

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Previously, it paid shareholders 30-40 percent of operatingprofit, but said earlier this year the basis for a payout wouldhave to be changed after it altered the way in which it writesdown the value of its planes over time.