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Exactly half (50%) of women and 43% of men told the researchers that they had taken at least one prescribed medicine in the last week. However, 22% of men and 24% of women said they had taken three different medications in the last week. Older people and those with a higher Body mass Index were more likely to do so.

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The dollar was on track to post its biggest three-day lossagainst the yen in 1-1/2 years on worries over Greece and theweakness in Chinese economic data. The greenback was last downnearly 1.35 percent against the yen at 118.11 yen. The yen is viewed as a safe-haven currencyduring times when investors are more risk-averse or economicfundamentals are uncertain.

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One of the traditional ways in which advisors are said tohelp clients is by getting them comfortable with taking on ahigher, more appropriate level of risk, usually through equitymarket exposure. Because of a change in regulation in Canada in2001, which did not apply to Quebec, the authors were able toget an accurate view of this, even taking into account selectionbias, i.e. the idea that people who seek out financial adviceare more sophisticated and willing to take on risk. The studyfound that a financial advisor increases the marginalhousehold's risky asset holdings by a chunky 30 percentagepoints.

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The restaurant owner, who emigrated from China with his parents when he was 3, has run Sichuan Garden since the early 1990s. He apologized, offered a refund and, when he seemed to have no other recourse, went public with the bizarre email exchange.

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Dong Energy AS, Mainstream RenewablePower Ltd. and Siemens Financial Services Ltd. won consent fromthe U.K. government to build an offshore wind farm capable ofproducing enough power for about 800,000 homes.


Lester had expressed interest last winter in re-signing with the team that drafted him in 2002. But after the Red Sox made in spring training a four-year, $70 million offer, Cherington said Lester and his agents were reluctant to talk again.

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The Indian leader, elected by a landslide six months ago,will host Putin for a one-day summit. In January, he will giveU.S. President Barack Obama what is expected to be a far morelavish reception for India's Republic Day celebration.

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All of this is to say: If we are concerned about the plight of the poor in the nation’s urban areas, we should be far more troubled by the continued persistence of concentrated poverty than about genrification. To be poor anywhere is difficult enough, but a growing body of evidence shows the negative effects of poverty are amplified for those who live in high-poverty neighborhoods-places where 30% or more of the population live below the poverty line.

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"Every day that they are exposed to coal-derived pollutants is a day that their health is in danger. To these, add patients with cardiovascular disease, those at risk of stroke, and those whose chronic exposure to these pollutants increases the probability for developing lung and other cancers,' he said.

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WASHINGTON - The White House on Wednesday issued a formalveto threat for a U.S. House of Representatives bill that wouldmake certain tax breaks for charitable donations permanent,saying the bill would add $500 billion or more to deficits overthe next decade. (USA-TAXBREAKS/CHARITIES, moved at 12:54 p.m.,70 words)

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But given the opposition's weaknesses, analysts expect theCatholic Church and civil society to play a significant role inblocking any bid by Kabila to hang on. Congo's bishops havespoken out against an extension of Kabila's mandate in a countrywhere 40 percent of its 65 million people are Catholic.