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Wytham Woods, just outside Oxford is one of the most important field research sites in the world for studying the links between ecology, evolution and behaviour. Here, Proessor Ben Sheldon, Dr Ella Coles and others from the University of Oxford have been studying the personalities of a common bird, the great tit.

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CGN Power raised about $3.2 billion after pricing the dealat the top of a HK$2.43 to HK$2.78 per share marketing range.. Shares in the state-controlled company areindicated to open at HK$3.45, compared with their IPO price ofHK$2.78, while the benchmark Hang Seng index wasindicated to open down 0.2 percent.

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A variety of factors — some global and others local — appear to be driving the growth in concentrated poverty. Growing income inequality in the United States is thinning the number of families in the middle class and increasing the numbers of high-income and low-income households. Real wages have declined for moderately skilled workers. And local land use restrictions in many metro areas segregate rich and poor and make it difficult to increase density in areas where there is demand for additional housing.

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FIDO, or Fast IDentity Online, is the brainchild of the FIDO Alliance, a group of device manufacturers and online services which have been working to create a pair of common standards which will use alternative credentials to unlock devices and log-in to sites.

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"With cardiovascular disease adding a huge burden to healthcare systems around the globe, it is important to find ways to reduce the number of cases. Even a medium-duration intervention with a Mediterranean diet and exercise regime can promise long-term health benefits, especially in people at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease," added co-researcher, Geoff Middleton, of the University of Lincoln.

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At the beginning of October 2014, Hezbollah carried out a series of terror attacks against Israel in the Mount Dov sector, and Israeli sources are convinced that Hezbollah will continue adhering to the new rules of the game it adopted vis-is Israel: a response to every Israeli attack, in Israeli territory, and at any price. Israeli army elements are gearing up for such a response that is likely, according to assessments, to be in the form of a terror attack near a border fence in one of the zones of friction with Israel: the Lebanon border, Mount Dov, the Golan Heights (with Syrian encouragement), etc.

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More recently, analysts have scratched their heads overTreasury data pointing to giant purchases of Treasuries incountries like Belgium, with many suspecting that firms arebuying on China's behalf. China has grown to be a major holderof Treasuries.

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"It's been tough for all of us, but he's spent the whole time by Hughesy's family's side," said Smith. "Just the strength and courage he's showed throughout those times was unbelievable."

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CHICAGO, Dec 10 (Reuters) - The alleged head of theChicago-area branch of a Mexican drug cartel faces federalcharges with seven others for a plot that involved carryingheroin and cocaine from Mexico to the United States in passengerbuses, prosecutors said on Wednesday.(USA-CHICAGO/DRUGTRAFFICKING-MEXICO, moved at 4:37 p.m., 325words)