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Dec 10 (Reuters) - N Brown Group Plc, a Britishonline and catalogue-based plus-size apparel retailer, saiddemand was improving as sales of winter wear were picking upafter a dull start in September due to warmer-than-usualweather.

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Adrian Mee had surveyed 162 secondary schools to find out what they were offering pupils in the way of computing teaching in Year 10, when they begin to study for GCSEs. The results showed that in many cases, only a minority were going to get a computing qualification - in 18% of the schools surveyed no pupils had been entered for GCSE Computing, and in a further 50% less than 20% had been enrolled.

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In 2012, a fatal gang rape of a young woman taking public transport in the city led to nationwide protests and forced the government to enact laws imposing stricter penalties and formation of fast-track courts.

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And yet we still have living amongst us people suffering an imperial hangover with some weird, anachronistic, self-flagellating need to feel inferior to these monarchal mooches born into a bloodline that gave us 800 years of Irish oppression, the Irguns’ need to shoot them out of Israel and a legacy of bloodstained imperialism that spread across India, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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First-time writer-director Lina Esco also plays With, a struggling journalist who joins forces with Liv (Lola Kirke), an unemployed activist who considers herself a cultural revolutionary. Liv is a self-aggrandizing bully and With tends to rely on powerful men to get her muddled message across.

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The long-time editor will move on from his role overseeing day-to-day editorial coverage, but he will become the chair of The Scott Trust, which owns Guardian Media group and other media assets, in 2016.

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Among older women who ought to be getting the shorter radiation treatment, 34.5 percent of them did get it in 2013, up from just 10.6 percent in 2008. For younger women, use of the abbreviated treatment increased to 21.2 percent from 8.1 percent.

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Islamic tradition holds cats in high esteem, and in much of the Muslim world people leave food out for feral felines. Stray dogs, on the other hand, are often seen as a public nuisance — overgrown rats with wagging tails.

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But state prosecutor Gerrie Nel said in his application to appeal that the judgment was "shockingly inappropriate" and argued that even if Pistorius did not know Steenkamp was behind the door when he fired, he showed intent to kill whoever was there.

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And of you are feeling strangely less assured? Do you lack confidence in this guidance from Cameron? Perhaps you think that we should know what the wrong things are that were done in our name. Or maybe you are alarmed by the development of secret justice, apparently to prevent information about the wrongdoing of our political leaders, their agents and those "others" (for we don't want them to feel left out) from being revealed. Conceivably you recall that one of the reasons why the government said it could not discuss such wrongdoings in open court was to protect our American ally from being exposed

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The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York saidprosecutors presented insufficient evidence to convict ToddNewman, a former portfolio manager at Diamondback CapitalManagement, and Anthony Chiasson, co-founder of Level GlobalInvestors.

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And in the real world, all else is not equal: Those with an advantage in one dimension tend also to have advantages in others. Even in a domain as ostensibly merit-based as education, our achievements often depend as much on who our parents are and where we grew up as it does on our willingness to study.

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In the Philippines, where bad weather is a part of life, Albay province is seen as a leading example of disaster management. In 1995, it set up a separate office solely to deal with emergencies and it looks to have paid off.

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The HSE, an annual snapshot of health trends based on participants’ self-reported behaviour, also confirmed that fewer women than ever — 17% — are smoking. That is down from 19% in 2012 and 24% in 2003. However, the trend is not reflected among men, who display what Woods called “stubbornly stable” smoking rates. Their 24% prevalence has not fallen for several years. Some 37% of men aged 25 to 34 smoke — the highest proportion of any age group.

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"There's much more plastic pollution out there than recentestimates suggest," said Marcus Eriksen, research director forthe Los Angeles-based 5 Gyres Institute, which studies this kindof pollution.

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He says the current budget "sits in the mid $300Ms," but the studio has to drastically cut back to $250 million. And the shooting period already costs $50 million more than the previous film, "Skyfall."

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Opponents, including the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio and the Society of Professional Journalists, say secrecy erodes confidence in the execution process. They also say threats of harassment are overblown.

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"We’ve been talking about how we can collaborate," Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said of conversations with Ackerman. "Life is a lonely place without partners. I like them being a partner."

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The results of this study "were not what we had hoped," Dr. Walter Koroshetz, acting director of the U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), said in the news release. "Scientists must now redouble their efforts to develop treatments that protect the brain and enhance its natural recovery mechanisms," he added.

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Law firm Graf von Westphalen, acting for Yi-Ko, said onWednesday they submitted an insolvency filing with a court inthe northern German town of Stade after talks to come to anagreement with Burger King failed.

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Last week the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics joined Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian leaders in promising to use their religions to help stamp out modern slavery and human trafficking by 2020.

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“This is a very happy day for all of us around the WKU football family,” said head coach Jeff Brohm. “Brandon is an outstanding young man. He is a leader on our football team, and his work on and off the field has been tremendous. We appreciate the NCAA acting in the best interests of Brandon, and we are very happy to be able to bring him back for one more season.”

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The city is in turmoil. Bridges and tunnels are being occupied intermittently, stretching cops to the limit to protect those protesting against them, all of which was wrapped around a full-fledged nor’easter.

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Edwards' 17-year-old daughter from a previous relationship told the station, "We all knew he was going to snap eventually," said Jordyn, who asked to be identified by only her first name. "He'd already lost me because of the way he treated me. So it was a power thing for him," she said, fighting back tears.

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In relation to bullying, the report found that just over one in three students aged between 13 and 15 worldwide is bullied on a regular basis. Meanwhile, almost one-third of students aged 11-15 in Europe and North America admitted to bullying others.