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"Most importantly, Aquilops is far more closely related to horned dinosaurs from Asia than it is to horned dinosaurs from North America such as Triceratops. This shows that horned dinosaurs probably migrated into North America from Asia at least two different times, maybe even more," Farke added.

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When a Cairo court dropped criminal charges against Mubarak in connection with the killing of hundreds of protesters during the revolution in late November, the verdict was seen by many as a death sentence for the uprising.

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Welcome to our complete remortgaging guide for the intermediary market, in association with Barclays, mortgages from Woolwich. Interest rates have been at record lows over five years, but the uptick will come. Read our guide to cement the right strategy for the months ahead.

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"He said, 'I completely agree with what Heather just said, Ray -- be yourself. I would suggest there are different ways to describe what happened honestly, and it would be truthful to say [you] lay [your] hands on" Janay, McPhee testified. McPhee, who testified that she and Cass get along well and that Cass is a "great guy," did not like the advice.

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In the 25 years since the first report, the rates of smoking, violent crime, infant mortality, premature death, cancer and cardiovascular deaths have all declined. However, the rates of obesity and childhood poverty have increased.

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"Unmanned aircraft offer a tremendous opportunity to spur innovation and economic activity by enabling many businesses to develop better products and services for their customers and the American public," Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a press release on Wednesday. "We want to foster commercial uses of this exciting technology while taking a responsible approach to the safety of America's airspace."

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The League's 41-year-old leader, Matteo Salvini calls the euro a "criminal currency" and wants to demolish the Brussels consensus that has dominated European politics since the end of World War Two. He is also, at odds with mainstream leaders, an admirer of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Reuters asked Stanford President John Hennessy whether therewould be a conflict of interest if a Stanford instructor offereda student an implicit incentive, in the form of venture cash, to leave school.

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CFFT, the non-profit drug discovery affiliate of the CysticFibrosis Foundation, will contribute up to $15 million tosupport Shire's messenger RNA technology platform for cysticfibrosis, a genetic condition, Shire said on Wednesday.

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TRAPPEDIn the run-up to Chauhan's suicide, conflict had been building on different fronts. Exam pressure weighed heavily on her mind. There were disputes with her parents. She felt trapped between the competing ideals of old India and new.She lived in a village on the edge of Gurgaon where the timeless India of wheat fields and cattle-drawn carts abuts the frantically rising apartment towers of the budding middle class.

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“I personally respond to every complaint and try to handle every situation personally,” Duan told “I have worked so hard to make my family proud and to elevate our business. It [the email exchange with Edelman] just broke my heart.” Though he has been able to open two successful restaurant locations, he admits that keeping his marketing and digital initiatives up to date has been limited given his budget.

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"They are doing it, not because they have to do it, but because they want to," he will say, adding that public services would disintegrate under such a scenario and there would be a permanent cost of living crisis.

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Sir Gordon added: "Africa already imports US $40bn worth of food each year, it is an enormous amount. If we do not produce more food in Africa, that will get worse and worse, and the continent will suffer as a result.

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The group first asked Air Force officials for passenger lists from Clinton's overseas trips but was told all flight records were under the State Department's control. These were Air Force flights and crews but State has the records?'' he said, adding that his group has submitted 15 Clinton-related requests in the past six months.

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According to experts from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), who have written a position paper on heart disease and air pollution, ‘there is now ample evidence that air pollution is associated with cardiovascular morbidity and mortality'.

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It is a rare move for YouTube to revamp the Apple TV app. The last time it was upgraded was years ago. Apple also recently added four more channel apps to the TV box including The Scene (owned by media giant Conde Nast), UFC.TV, Fusion, and DailyMotion. The Scene brings magazine stories to life with videos from popular magazines like Vogue, The New Yorker, and Vanity Fair. UFC.TV is a subscription based sport channel, Fusion is a pop-culture entertainment website, and Daily Motion is a smaller video sharing website.

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At least 30,000 people marched on the Irish parliament on Wednesday in a third day of mass protests against new water charges that have spurred the biggest opposition movement since the financial crisis erupted in 2008.

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Barrett set Ohio State records for touchdown passes and total offense before breaking his ankle in the Buckeyes’ regular-season finale against Michigan. He is out for the Jan. 1 national semifinal against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

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"That's a problem because what we also discovered in the survey was that the willingness of consumers to take action and reduce their emissions was very closely linked to their level of awareness of a particular issue.

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Since Nov. 15, 1,383,683 people have signed up for plans andof them, more than 664,000 were new consumers who did notpreviously have a plan, the U.S. Department of Health and HumanServices said on its website.

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Parkinson's is a progressive neurological disease, the symptoms of which include tremors, stiffness and slow movement. An estimated six to seven thousand people in Ireland are affected and there is no cure.

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The report also highlighted the impact of the recession on dental services in Ireland. The PRSI scheme used to allow taxpayers to receive subsidies towards certain dental work, such as fillings. However, spending on this scheme has fallen from over €70 million per year to just €10 million per year and taxpayers now only receive one dental check-up per year.

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Commenting on the findings, Minister for Children, Dr James Reilly, said that the findings in relation to low birth weight and smoking during pregnancy ‘emphasise that child health promotion begins even before birth'.

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Instead, his testosterone got the better of him. This might be the last time he ever got to do PMQs and he wasn’t going to miss out on a fight. “I would remind her, however, that millions of women in this country have got from this government what they never got from her government,” he said. “Better pensions; more jobs; tax cuts; shared parental leave; better child care; and more flexible working.” Brilliant. What Clegg had effectively said was that women shouldn’t worry their pretty little heads because they were far better off being governed by a bunch of men.

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Neal Ungerleider is a reporter for Fast Company covering the intersection of future technology and everyday life. His work has been published by Reuters, Wired, Forbes, Slate, Talking Points Memo, and other venues. Los Angeles-based, New York-bred.

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One of the three was heard yelling "Long live Satan" while committing the vandalism at St. Odilo in west suburban Berwyn. The vandals also knocked down a statue of Jesus and threw eggs at a Nativity scene in front of the church, said city administrator Brian Pabst.

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The Nets, with the league’s highest payroll for two years running, are coming off consecutive home blowout defeats to the Hawks and the Cavs. Monday night’s loss to LeBron James and Cleveland was particularly embarrassing on a grand stage with the royal couple — Prince William and Kate Middleton — in attendance.

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Hackers calling themselves the Guardians of Peace have claimed responsibility for the Sony leaks in recent days, and they have threatened to continue the leaks unless the film company’s executives agree to pull the upcoming movie, The Interview, about two American journalists hired by the CIA to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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Larger plastic objects, abundant near coastlines, oftenfloat into the world's five subtropical gyres - big regions ofspinning currents in the North and South Pacific, North andSouth Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

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"They're going to use the army and police for repression,"said Vital Kamerhe, a former Kabila loyalist who heads theopposition Union for the Congolese Nation (UNC). "They're goingto use money to buy the consciences of the people."

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The U.S. government began collecting information on largeTreasuries positions in 1996 after short squeezes in some notescaused by traders at Salomon Brothers, which later became partof Citigroup Inc, raised concerns that market participantscould use large positions to manipulate prices.


Ivan Glasenberg, the chief executive of the company thatmade a tentative takeover move for larger rival Rio Tinto this year, has criticised Rio and others forflooding the market with new supplies of iron ore, depressingprices.

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"it’s the exact same thing, Wright said. " But once they built that building, you knew teams were going to come in ..... I liked it better when it was just the Big East and just Madison Square Garden. But times change, but I am still glad this is our home for forever."

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Wes Anderson's candy-colored fable "The Grand Budapest Hotel" received a single nod for its large ensemble cast, including Norton and Adrien Brody, who also pulled a nomination for History's "Houdini."

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The new committee will assume responsibility from next month for policies, procedures, systems and controls for anti-money laundering, sanctions compliance, and the prevention of bribery, corruption and tax crime.

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• After initially suspending Rice for two games in late July, Goodell testified he was unaware that organizations for women's rights had denounced the NFL: "I don't recall that specifically," he testified. Kessler then asked, "Do you remember that there were media commentators who called for your resignation or for you to be fired?" Goodell replied, "I don't recall that, no." On Aug. 28, Goodell changed the league's personal conduct policy, increasing the mandatory penalty for a first offense for domestic violence to a six-game suspension and declaring he had "got it wrong" when he gave Rice a two-game suspension.

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No, headhunters: he is not in the job market. As I said, Tom wants to write code, he wants to keep together this Tech family we've built. The culture of our development teams — both pleasant and talented — reflects Tom and Keki's character. I think of them like a couple, and in a sense they are, both essential to the connection between Budapest and New York. We will all retire together to Lake Balaton.

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I think that the level of treatment and care a cancer patient receives is a post code lottery. Treatments available at one hospital will not always be available at a hospital in a different county. The priority should be ensuring that all cancer sufferers have the same chance to benefit from surgery, drugs and radiotherapy.

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Connect creates a master address book for consumers to communicate with friends on their various social networks, such as Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc and LinkedIn Corp or by phone, and it displays a map of nearby friends.

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The study authors caution that using claims data rather than medical records meant they could not verify the women’s tumor types and radiation doses. It also meant they may have underestimated costs because some claims for the last year of the study might not have been processed by the end of 2013.

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"Should the current fall in crude prices continue over a longer period, it will impact the non-OPEC supply forecast for 2015, especially anticipated growth in tight crude," OPEC's report said, using another term for shale oil.


While the legislation would fund most federal agenciesthrough September, the end of the current fiscal year, it wouldpay for Department of Homeland Security (DHS) activities onlythrough February in a move to gain leverage over Obama'simmigration order.

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The Canadian gold miner said it has retained National BankFinancial and CIBC World Markets as financial advisors to assistin the process of evaluating strategic alternatives with respectto Brio Gold.

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Meanwhile, the report also contained details about reporting sexual crimes to the Gardai. This information was based on 284 clients who began therapy in the DRCC in 2013. Among these, 106 cases were reported to the Gardai, a reporting rate of just 37%.

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For Venezuela, one OPEC member considered most vulnerable to a prolonged slide in prices, the situation is growing dire. On Wednesday the price of its crude export basket fell to a more than five-year low of $61.92.

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It is worth bearing in mind that the illegal drug trade in Mexico is worth anywhere between $30bn to $40bn a year to the cartels, generated by huge quantities of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marihuana heading north to the United States.