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I'm not going to be able to find the same player as he is

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It depleted its budget reserves during the recession and has one of the worst-funded state pension systems in the nation.

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Sustainable fiscal planning will be a core element of our economic independence

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The sinfully divine garlic butter crab served at the stalwart Mangalorian seafood restaurant Trishna is so good you don’t even notice the drab interior and abrupt waiters

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The agency will also rate the safety of rear seat occupants in the case of a frontal crash.

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"This is not conservatism," declared House Speaker Paul Ryan, the Republican Party's top elected leader

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But national discourse about Muslims has become increasingly hostile lately.

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Punitive laws that hinder effective responses to HIV remain widespread

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Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey and Wisconsin followed with their own bans, while California, Minnesota and Ohio are considering them

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It is NOT about loving children or the absence of love

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Polls will open at 08:00 local time (07:00 GMT)

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” Boston officials were blown away by Greinke’s intellect when they met with him during the recruiting process

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But his proposed pay-fors are the same ones he'd backed off from after Democrats told him weeks ago that they weren't an option

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In the past people have been banned for fostering hatred that might provoke inter-community violence.

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Microsoft's Surface Pro lineup, however, is experiencing no such problems

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Transportation Command this past October

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Taxes related to the spin-off couldleave Yahoo shareholders on the hook for $12 billion.

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It will assist us to identify patterns and trends in the occurrence of healthcare incidents," commented the department's chief medical officer, Dr Tony Holohan.

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In the past year, the Yankees also acquired Didi Gregorius (25), Dustin Ackley (26) and Aaron Hicks (26)

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Questions about other types of ID were used only once or occasionally twice.

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1 contender if not for McGregor's recent performances

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Of course, the best part is that the image would say what you wanted it to say ..