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The group represents 37 Internet companies, including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, reddit, Twitter and Yahoo

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The person familiar with the discussions wasn't authorized to speak publicly about the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity

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Good old Mack experienced some character development

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"We'd muchrather see Yahoo either spinoff or potentially sell the core andhave a tax liability on a smaller piece than have it on thelarger Alibaba piece."

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"It's just a matter of time before we do so, and of how far down we go

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"I'm a huge fan of his and any time I've ever met that guy in person he's been nothing but class

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Lauren has Nick Grimshaw, and the British public, to thank for saving her

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Sportswear has become more popular than women's apparel and cosmetics on smoggy days, according to Taobao.

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Garry McCarthy was forced to resign and the U.S

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Our first taste of Iceland’s many majestic water features was quite literally that, as huge volumes of sun-lit mist smothered the path behind the thundering falls

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Now, the address of the home he shares with his wife and two young children was all over the internet

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In Toronto, its shares were 2 percent lower at C$15.72

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At a training session this fall in Half Moon Bay, nearly 100 crabbers already learned how to photograph tangled whales, call them in to a hotline and then "babysit" them until authorities arrive

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But ministers seem to want to use only one tool, the planning system, to fix what is a multifaceted problem

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There are currently only five female judges out of 24 at the Supreme Court and three female judges out of 11 at the Constitutional Court.

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One piece of video footage shows the couple at a Burlington Coat Factory around 2:20 p.m

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Researchers suggest the smart wound bandage would pave the way for the safe use of electronics inside the body

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The metal edging and coloured back of the 830 and 930 are replaced by a monochrome plastic back and edge

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Because where we've seen Jose Aldo look beatable is when he sits back, takes his foot off the gas pedal, and tries to coast

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Still, any merger between two of the most storied companies in the chemical industry would be sure to attract a lot of attention and questions about its impact regions that surround its operations.

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You should both still have many years ahead of you.

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Vigneault’s pride in his path, work ethic, and confidence are trademarks of a man who seemingly sharpened those traits in his hardest times

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‘‘It’s more likely that the stones were first used in a local monument, somewhere near the quarries, that was then dismantled and dragged off to Wiltshire.’’

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Every buzz, ping and ring on the phone uses battery

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We don't do a very good job of stepping into shots."

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