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This was a tight financial settlement and difficult decisions have had to be made.

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Hyperloop is also in the final stages of choosing a site for a larger Safety, Development, and Test site where a 3km full-scale prototype will be constructed

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There is no official tally of how many guns are sold in the United States, but the FBI is on track this year to process a record number of background checks, which are a close proxy for sales.

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For these individuals, it was enough simply to shout extremist slogans - and vent.

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She said one method cited by the challengers is "flawed on many levels."

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Weinstein then said Tarantino told him that he didn't have to commit to such a project, to which the exec responded: "F— yeah, Quentin

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Artists and labels are thus extremely interested in limiting streaming plays to paying subscribers

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The Brigade recently confirmed that it still has the F2000 in its possession.

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"There is a very high probability of protracted litigation," said Ted Hampton, vice president at Moody’s Investors Service

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Last year, attackers in Greece left a pig's head and painted anti-Muslim slogans outside an Islamic studies center in Athens

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William Christopher, the department's commissioner, said it was not immediately known if management at Chipotle was aware of the employee's symptoms

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We're the ones that are going to be stepping on the monetary gas

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One team goes for health bars, while the others try to flog healthy vegetable crisps

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The treatment is also the first in the United States that contains only trace amounts of Factor VIII (FVIII), offering the flexibility to administer FVIII only when needed

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If the pneumococcal bacteria infect the lungs, they can cause pneumonia

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or maybe that's the worst part.

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A government counter-terrorism adviser has warned that terrorists could use commercially available drones to attack passenger planes

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And this is one of those instances where the work pays off."

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In April, the National Football League reached a settlement of a lawsuit brought by former players over concussions that could cost the NFL $1 billion and a U.S

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The notice this week warns the owners that the airport has the right to sell or dispose of the planes unless they are collected within 14 days.

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This is happening when we know that if we focus on the places and people most affected by HIV, the world can end the AIDS epidemic as a public health threat.

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Both its final form and its very existence could change based on how the above strategies impact public opinion.

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They used a series of procedural motions to demand the legislation, sponsored by Rep

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Britain's interior ministry has the power to ban people from entering the country if they have engaged in what the government determines to be unacceptable behavior

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"What was the point of killing him" added Eliyas Yahya, the local imam, who had a round hat, a pointed beard and a very loud voice

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But another added: "You can lose all work life balance if not careful."

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Harry figures out that Zoom doesn't want Barry dead yet

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