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The Xbox, which sells for 3,699 yuan ($598), currently has 10 titles on sale in China, mainly censor-friendly sporting games such as "Forza Motorsport 5". Microsoft has not released Xbox sales figures for China.

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"Skunk Works," Lockheed's business for developing weapons outside the company's main chain of command, is starting to lift the veil in a sign of fierce pressure to win new orders and protect its brand as military budgets shrink.


The changes were prompted by the fallout of the Ray Rice case, when Goodell initially gave Rice just a two-game suspension after he hit his future wife in an elevator. He later suspended Rice indefinitely after a graphic video was released from what happened in the elevator. That suspension was subsequently overturned.

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The dishonesty comes in how tax extenders are passed and sold to the American public. While only passed for one to two years at a time, they are routinely renewed. This legislative trick allows Congress to ignore, or at least hide, the provisions’ true cost. And they are expensive; the current package is projected to cost $81 billion just next year. Finding enough corresponding spending cuts or revenue increases to offset the foregone revenue is too difficult a hill to climb. So Congress resorts to other means to get them out the door.