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It just needs to be the old silver

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Marsh was earning 100,000 before setting up his own consultancy business in July this year and he expects his earnings to continue at this level

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I’m OK with putting them down, blacking them out, just put a piece of brass in their ocular cavity and end their miserable life

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bond yields are expected to climb as much as 1 percentage point by the end of 2016, with longer-term bond yields rising less rapidly, forecasts compiled by Bloomberg show.

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Baxalta expects to file for regulatory approvals in Europe in 2017 and in other markets around the world.

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Puerto Rican officials have themselves acknowledged the potential for lawsuits

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Educational opportunities (most noticeably university degree places) had expanded rapidly over recent decades; but they had been taken up mostly by those from more privileged backgrounds.

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Jim Murphy, chief of the Communicable Disease Bureau in the Montana health department, said they definitely found bits and pieces of the DNA from the E

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New gadgets from Apple, Microsoft and Google all harbor such ambitions, to varying degrees

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Just a week before I visited, three Chinese nationals from the same family were murdered in the town of Kitwe in the north.

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Women wearing masks and other residents dance during their daily exercise amid the heavy smog in Beijing, China December 7, 2015

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The Texans have lost two of the last three meetings with New England on the road and should be fired up to be hosting the defending Super Bowl champions in prime time and on national television

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Referred to the European Court of Justice, the outcome could change EU labour law for millions of people

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At half a kilo (or 1.1 pounds for those of you who haven’t gone metric yet), the Pixel C tablet doesn’t feel heavy, but it’s not exactly lightweight either

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and Illinois-based Vivid Seats Ltd., order them to immediately remove any listings by ticket re-sellers for speculative Springsteen tickets.

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It's perfectly common for an artist to overpaint an image as it is for a client who's commissioned that artist to ask for changes

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However, this doesn't take into account any precautions brought in to minimise problems, like better health awareness and improved cooling for buildings.

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These have become increasingly popular in recent years and some studies have suggested they have a role to play in the treatment of major depression, also known as major depressive disorder.

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