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The men, all in their 30s and 40s, were among the first detainees sent to Guantanamo in 2002, detained as part of the US "War on Terror" for alleged links to Al Qaeda. They were never charged or tried.

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But once supermarkets stopped being able "to increase profits by accruing an ever increasing share of the market" food prices have risen 22% (in the last six years) while median incomes have been static or falling.


“Two weeks away from a vote on a transformational merger,shareholders do not even have a clear sense of who will berunning this company,” said Dieter Waizenegger, executivedirector of CtW Investment group, a union-backed pensionadvisory firm. “Today’s announcement confirms our fears thatlong-term shareholders’ interests are not served by thisovervalued, risky and unnecessary transaction.”

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"If someone wants to go deep, getting a practitioner like aventure capitalist to talk about what they do works," says TomByers, an engineering professor and director of the StanfordTechnology Ventures Program. "Every instructor invites a venturecapitalist into their classroom in that vein."

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But Dr Conel Alexander, from the Carnegie Institution of Washington in the US, said that while it was "dangerous to be too strident about one's conclusions based on only two data points", he thought that asteroids did seem to be the best candidates for supplying Earth's water.

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This painting depicting a famine scene is by Gebre Kristos Desta, one of Ethiopia's most respected modern artists. He died in 1981 and is credited with introducing modernism to Ethiopia. Although the recent emergence of a market for art in Ethiopia is generally viewed as encouraging, there are those who want to see further progress in the form of more curators, dealers and promoters amid increased artistic deliberation. "It is imperative to reveal its setbacks as these obstructions will eventually weaken the genuine growth of modern and contemporary art in our country," Ms Elizabeth says.