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A day later, Mayor Michael Nutter pledged a $2,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in any hate crime case.

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It seemed like a potential landing place for an intergalatic space ship.

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He had to be removed from several games — most recently on December 1 at San Jose — and each time had to undergo a series of tests.

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"Sometimes you feel awful when they just make way for you, so you wait for them to finish before using the kitchen."

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Kate arrived in a Bentley to the Diplomatic Reception wearing a blue lace Alexander McQueen dress that was the same piece worn at the 2013 event

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If it's old and expensive, it's more likely that we didn't check in on that."

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The Nazis sent Jews, Communists, and others to far more brutal camps during the 1930s

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He had to be removed from several games — most recently on December 1 at San Jose — and each time had to undergo a series of tests.

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"I would urge the Department of Justice to think beyond the divestiture that has been proposed."

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“We will work with local authorities, customers and community groups to give them a real stake in the future of their intercity rail travel

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They rely on 24-hour cable news coverage, the Internet and social media to stoke that fear

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A Moroccan man was electrocuted to death last week on a railway line which the migrants had been blocking

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"Earlier studies have shown that growing up on a farm reduces a child's risk of asthma to about half

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During that trial the president would be suspended and replaced by her vice president, Michel Temer of the PMDB.

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“I don’t know what more needs to be demonstrated to House Republicans who are more intent on protecting the NRA than their own constituents.

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It can lead to high blood pressure and even heart failure

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I do sometimes think: "What if" - but then I know at the time I just couldn't have gone though with it

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Patients often live with the disease for years without a proper diagnosis; even with a confirmed diagnosis, there are limited treatment options available.

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You have to just kind of work at it.”

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What Trump has done is effectively call for a race war.

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Sexual violence was "at very high levels and used as a tool of war", says Helen Mack, of the Myrna Mack Foundation

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They brought an artistry to the process, lovingly fashioning low-cost fireplaces, tiles, fabrics and other interior fixtures and fittings.

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This year, Hanukkah will begin on the evening of Sunday December 6th and end on the evening of Monday December 14th.

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"We have had success in locating sophisticated cross-border tunnels, but to put it into perspective, since 2006 we have only found 11

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I think the appreciation of silver on a percentage basis will be even higher…

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"Great culture, working with some of the words biggest brands

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"And scriptwriters have sometimes emailed me two pages from their script and said 'Is it OK Can we use it'"

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Far fewer than usual pedestrians walked the streets — many of them wearing white masks to filter the air.

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He finished 10 of 16 from beyond the arc, one short of the career high he had in January against Sacramento.

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To be fair, Twitter’s existing power users are not the target audience for this change, so it’s no surprise they hate it