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The world's second-largest planemaker after Boeing was also forced to call off a ceremony to mark the firstdelivery of its new A350 jetliner to Qatar Airways on Saturday,after the Gulf airline said it was delaying the handoverindefinitely.

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Emmerson Mnangagwa, affectionately known as Ngwena, or crocodile, is the obvious heir apparent. The first lady, Grace Mugabe, fuelled rumours of a possible Mugabe dynasty after she stole the limelight in recent months, addressing public rallies in which she rubbished senior party officials.

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In recent weeks, her posts have focused on the controversial introduction of domestic water charges in the Republic of Ireland and the legacy of the 1916 Easter Rising, the rebellion against British rule.

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“For us the important thing is that we have reached our limits, we can not take it any more. This is why we are determined to fight for all the money that they have cut from us illegally.”

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"From meteorites, spectroscopic measurements of asteroids and even the fairly recent discovery of a few 'asteroidal comets,' some types of asteroid contain quite a bit of water in clay minerals and possibly ice," Alexander said.

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Cellcom and Partner, which also own divisions that provideinternet and long-distance calling services, have said they planto offer TV services to help bring in more revenue.($1 = 3.9288 shekels) (Reporting by Steven Scheer. Editing by Jane Merriman)

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Um, matta fact, I was thinkin’ that them two royals couldda used a fast run from Barclays up to Farrell’s Tavern on Prospect Park West for a crash course in Ye Olde Brooklynese from Lord James Houlihan, publican, who one time sez to me, “Er-uh, ya know, Whomyacallit was just here with Whoziz lookin’ for ya, like.”

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Doughty has erased nearly every name from the top of the Hilltopper record books and his 2014 season, with one game still to play, will go down as one of the top performances by any quarterback in NCAA FBS history. He leads the FBS with 44 touchdowns and his 4,344 yards are also a national FBS best, as well as rank No. 35 and No. 16, respectively, on the FBS all-time single-season charts.

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“Literally, a detainee could go for days or weeks without anyone looking at him,” one CIA officer told the agency’s inspector general in 2005, according to the report. One detainee, the officer said, “'as far as we could determine,' had been chained to the wall in a standing position for 17 days.”


“We don’t want to oversupply and cannibalise our own business. If we do generate cash and we don’t find better ways to deploy it, we are owner-managers and we are happy to pay back some money to ourselves.”

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"Although AF is generally not life threatening, it is a serious condition and can lead to serious complications such as stroke and other heart problems. By knowing how to take your own pulse or by having it regularly checked, you can detect the condition.


Hayden was singled out by Senate investigators for what they said was a string of misleading or outright false statements he gave in 2007 about the importance of the CIA's brutal treatment of detainees in thwarting terrorist attacks. He described the focus on him as "ironic on so many levels" as any wrongdoing predated his arrival at the CIA. "They were far too interested in yelling at me," Hayden said in an email to The Associated Press.

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Scientists believe the Earth formed as smaller pieces of material slammed together — a process that would have left our infant planet so hot that any surface water would be vaporized and any possible building blocks of life destroyed. Luckily for us, comets and asteroids contain both organic compounds and water, and may have delivered them to Earth after it cooled off.

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Playing to the hometown crowd, the newspaper reports that Rock made wisecracks about Baltimore Ravens rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers - including singling out the team's quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, by calling him "the original Cosby."

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It's like the show I'm doing now, which is beautifully grubby. [Urinetown is a musical satire set in a future where a water shortage has led to a ban on all private toilets.] It reminded me a lot of [Terry Gilliam film] Brazil when I first saw it, a modern world entrenched in a 30s aesthetic.

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The intelligence officials criticized the committee staff for not interviewing any of them and said the staff had already concluded the interrogation methods gave no useful intelligence before conducting their investigation.