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Cumberbatch's Imitation Game co-star Keira Knightley receives a best supporting actress nomination along with Patricia Arquette (Boyhood), Emma Stone (Birdman), Meryl Streep (Into the Woods) and Naomi Watts (St Vincent).

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These Rangers are just 3-5-1 on the road, and they would not be in the playoffs if the season had ended on Tuesday. But there is a long way to go, and it’s their hope, if and when Duclair returns, he’ll be joining a team in playoff position due to some hard wins in hostile buildings.

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This year, the tropical ocean has indeed warmed up in both the Pacific and the Atlantic but both of these ocean basins have also been very warm in northern latitudes, compounding the effect on global temperature.

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However, it tempered its tightening tone by pushing out itsforecasts of wholesale short term rates, taken as a proxy forthe cash rate, which signalled the bank likely to be on hold atleast until the third quarter of next year.

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Shockingly, key assignments went to novice interrogators, psychologists-turned-private contractors profited handsomely, and no one reviewed past CIA experience with related strategies before the interrogations.

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Andres said McDonald's ingredient labels need to be shorter and noted that simplifying ingredients is an enormous task, "but we have to get started," offering a glimpse into how the company is rethinking its recipes.

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The Somers family was there to receive the remains, but no media coverage was allowed, according to a U.S. defense official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the arrival was not publicly announced.

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Ohio hasn't executed an inmate since January, when Dennis McGuire gasped and snorted for 26 minutes before dying, during a procedure using a never tried combination of a sedative and painkiller. It was Ohio's longest execution.

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Our East edition is circulated around Birkenhead and the West title goes out around Heswall. There are also print editions available to be picked up from locations across the area. An e-edition is also available for download to iPad.

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"The CIA deployed individuals without relevant training or experience," it said. "CIA also deployed officers who had documented personal and professional problems of a serious nature - including histories of violence and abusive treatment of others."

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"The offerer establishes a set of conditions which arequestionable since the verification of one of them is dependenton a third party, Oi, and/or incomplete for the launch of thetender offer," the board said.

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The Rosetta data suggests that most of Earth's water may have come from asteroids, since asteroid characteristics are similar to those of Earth's water, and asteroids are close to Earth. The researchers also found that the water on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, where the Rosetta's Philae lander touched down in November, isn't like the water on Earth — it has similar physical properties to H2O, but it's heavier in mass.

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A previous report from the board noted that: "The most common cuts for these activities were to remove scenes of choking and gagging during deep throat fellatio and instances of breath restriction during sexual activity."

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In recent years, women have been torn apart by dogs, mutilated, buried alive and dissolved alive in acid for perceived crimes such as looking out a window, singing, wearing trousers, or marrying the man they loved.


While many see the flag as questionable, there is criticism that the referees' decision to take the touchdown off the board was outright wrong, and a yardage penalty should have been enforced on the point after or the kickoff.

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Shares are down about 47 percent since the investigation began gaining momentum three months ago. Chief Financial Office Almir Barbassa renewed a pledge not to sell new equity on November 17 when he outlined plans to review Petrobras accounting.

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All fill the pages of USA Weekend, Gannett's Sunday magazine that is finally biting the dust at the end of this month, the company announced last week. The magazine's headlines look like they could peer back at you from the grocery checkout lanes, and that's no accident.

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Although they do not represent "new money" for science outside of previous commitments, the announcements come amid belt-tightening across government spending: Mr Osborne said there would be two more years of cuts to departmental budgets.

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It meets rigorous airline seat requirements because it's lighter than conventional leather and feels nice. It also comes in rolls, which natural leather does not, considerably reducing manufacturing wastage.

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The sight loss charity has launched a new patient guide to support people who have been diagnosed with retinal conditions. The aim of the guide is to ‘cut through the science and medical jargon often associated with our eyes' and provide information that is easy to understand.

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That last result had some thinking that perhaps our water came from comets in Hartley 2’s neighborhood, a region called the Kuiper belt. Halley is from a more distant region. 67P, which is from the Kuiper belt as well, changed that thinking. “This rules out Kuiper belt comets having brought water to Earth,” said ROSINA principle investigator Kathrin Altwegg of the University of Bern. That still leaves asteroids as a source of Earth’s water. They are rockier bodies than comets, orbiting closer to the sun, but in the early solar system, Altwegg said, they would probably have carried a lot more ice.

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Regarding claims that the CIA's interrogation techniques were harsher than previously disclosed, he said, "It may be more slightly layered in the details, but everyone knows what waterboarding does. It prompts the anti-drowning reflex in an individual."

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"I was a fervent "Chavista," she said in the store, which is selling lamps from its stock because it no longer receives imports. "I wish I could say I still am but the situation is too hard. Everything is going backwards."

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India's central bank had earlier rapped Uber for violating the country's credit card payment system by using a so-called one-step authorization process while the regulator requires a two-step procedure. Uber later complied, calling the requirement "unnecessary and burdensome".

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A decision by any local authority to remove fluoridation from the public water supply ‘would significantly increase the risk of tooth decay among children in Ireland', the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) has claimed.

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Writing in the American Chemical Society’s journal ACS NANO, the researchers, led by Hyunhyub Ko, said their new ‘electronic skin’ is a flexible, film-like mechanism that can perform a number of tasks, including sensing pressure, reading brain activity and monitoring heart rate.

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Here are the highlights: I am announcing the formation of a managing partnership of seven people which will make key decisions together. Among them, Heather Dietrick will take over my position as President. Having helped lift gross commerce revenues to $60m, Erin Pettigrew will head Strategy, including responsibility for the Kinja software product.

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"Today's cyber actors, from nation states to criminal groupsand individuals, find themselves virtually unrestrained by time,distance, and physical location," FBI assistant director JosephDemarest said at a hearing before the Senate Banking Committeeon cybersecurity.

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Hi LJ, turns all those bitty updates into a tidy digest. Our system needs to look through your email inbox, but then it can pull out all the things you're subscribed to and then give you the option to roll up some emails into one daily email and even unsubscribe from other services on your behalf.

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Cellcom and Partner, which also own divisions that provideinternet and long-distance calling services, have said they planto offer TV services to help bring in more revenue.($1 = 3.9288 shekels) (Reporting by Steven Scheer. Editing by Jane Merriman)

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The central bank did identify household financial stress anda sharp correction in house prices as the No. 1 risk, which itcharacterizes as elevated, though the probability of itmaterializing was low.

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NEW YORK, Dec 10 (Reuters) - Oil prices slumped to five-yearlows on Wednesday and U.S. and European equity markets fell asinvestors, worried about the Greek and Chinese economies,withdrew from riskier positions and bought Japanese yen, whichrose against the U.S. dollar.

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For VCs, the attraction of academia is simple: Some of thehottest tech start-ups are founded by college kids. Student-runfirms that met venture capital backers at Stanford includeSnapchat, the photo-sharing service. Chief executive EvanSpiegel dropped out two years ago to work on the venture. Hisfirst VC backer, Jeremy Liew, is a Stanford alumnus.

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Well, that should be somewhat comforting to Yankee fans — knowing that Cashman, who arrived at the meetings on Monday just in time to learn David Robertson was signing with the White Sox, really is trying to address the gaping hole in the middle of his rotation.

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On Wednesday, the Giants' Iron Man quarterback was a surprise addition to the team's pre-practice injury report with a back issue. It was an instant point of concern, especially since Manning spent an extra-long time in the trainer's room after Big Blue's win over the Titans on Sunday.

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"I've got a quad copter on Christmas list as I suspect quite a few people do," Congressman Blake Farenthold said at Wednesday's hearing. "I think this is a more dangerous scenario that you guys need to be putting a priority on. There are too many of these out here that are capable of going beyond couple hundred feet but actually going up to 6,000 feet, we've got a problem and our failure to regulate them -- we're going to have a genie out of the bottle issue."

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And the latest findings, gathered by Rosetta's Rosina instrument, which consists of two mass spectrometers that "sniff" the gas that streams off the surface of 67P, suggests this may not be the case.

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"Hannibal Buress is one of the most real, hysterical, up-and-coming comedians out there," the "Top Five" star said. "And I don't think he did it to (start anything). We just live in a world where you're never alone."

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"Certainly, we are still seeing favorable profitability onthe part of corporations - they have been coming through thiswhile investors have been kind of loath to embrace or celebratethe bull market."

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Researchers are planning a larger, phase II study to evaluate the efficacy of the GSI class of drugs added to endocrine therapy versus endocrine therapy alone. This study also will determine how well the 18 gene "signature" will predict who responds to therapy.

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"A family of a young girl with albinism had to flee their home twice, in 2011 and 2012, when unidentified men attacked them, saying that they were sent by the father of the home, a fisherman, to get the girls' hair.

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Former Israeli justice minister Tzipi Livni and the center-left parliamentary opposition leader formed a joint election ticket on Wednesday that polls show could pose a serious challenge to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in March.

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It also balances with the two designated players on NYCFC's roster, David Villa and Frank Lampard, who are both European. Villa has already returned to New York following a brief loan stint in Australia, but Lampard remains with Manchester City on loan and could extend that stay in England into the MLS season.

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"So these people posted their flight info on the Texans going to Jax FB page so I canceled their tix," a Twitter user who went by the name "DuvalUndertaker" posted while including a screen grab of the cancellation confirmation.

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Walgreen, the biggest U.S. drugstore chain by sales, saidin August that it would buy the rest of Bern, Switzerland-basedAlliance Boots for $15.3 billion. Pessina will hold about 16percent of the company after the deal closes.

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Time Editor Nancy Gibbs wrote: “2014 is the year an outbreak turned into an epidemic” It reached crowded slums in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone; it traveled to Nigeria and Mali, to Spain, Germany and the U.S. It struck doctors and nurses in unprecedented numbers, wiping out a public-health infrastructure that was weak in the first place”. Anyone willing to treat Ebola victims ran the risk of becoming one”. Governments weren’t equipped to respond; the World Health Organization was in denial and snarled in red tape.

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“I know we don’t have a losing mentality,” Anthony said before the game. “I just know that when you’re losing basketball games, it’s easier to figure out how not to lose than it is how to win games.”

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Such accusations gained renewed attention after standup comic Hannibal Buress called Cosby a rapist during a performance in October. Cosby's camp unwittingly intensified the scandal on Twitter by asking supporters to create viral online parodies, or "memes," about him, only to be barraged with Internet satires about the rape allegations.