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"It's very well possible the Earth kept some of its water, not on the surface but maybe at the poles or maybe in the crust," Altwegg said. "That remains to be seen. ... We just know there were a lot of impacts in the early times, 800 million years after formation, and it's very likely some of the terrestrial water was brought at that time. The only bodies that are remaining (candidates) are asteroids, or asteroid-like bodies from the inner solar system, not from far out."

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The International Labour Organisation said it hoped thepledge would lead to greater and ever more coherent efforts toend child labour in all its forms in tobacco-growing communitiesworldwide. (Reporting By Kieran Guilbert; Editing by Tim Pearce)

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Finally, they found although the switched cells were acting more like brown cells, they still had patterns of gene activity that were more like white fat cells. This suggested the cells had not entirely converted to brown fat cells.

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Yet any of those steps would be difficult to implement andmay not be enough to fully substitute international bond marketsas the company's main funding source, said one banker who helpedoversee some of the company's bond offerings in recent years.

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The court's conservatives seemed to back the government, which has argued that Wong's 2002 lawsuit was barred because she waited longer than the statute of limitations of six months to file it after the INS rejected her initial request for damages. Wong's lawyers say she filed after the six-month deadline only because of delays in the court system that were out of her control.

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The hospital — which is run by South Warwickshire Foundation Trust (SWFT) - has lost no money through ending the contract as the systems were supplied by the company, which charged patients nearly 5 a day to use.

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Sierra Leone, a former British colony, reported 397 newconfirmed cases in the week to Dec. 7, three times the combinedtotal in the other two centres of the disease, Guinea andLiberia, the U.N. health agency said in its latest update.

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The director general of the HSE, Tony O'Brien, has called for a review of the legal approach taken by the executive. This would be a separate review to the one being carried out into the care of Miss Y in the lead up to the delivery of her baby by caesarean.