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And the sensors themselves are made such that their energy consumption is extremely low
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"Today we got the non-farm payroll number, which is all anyone talks about
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"It’s not the shooting, it’s the politicians," said Brian Ruttenbur, an analyst at BB&T who covers shares of gun makers
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"What kind of a person goes in a church and shoots nine people" he asked
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“We just battled through it; we found a way,”
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More foreign inmates would be released at least nine months early on the condition that they leave the country, in an effort to boost the number of such offenders removed from the UK
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"Recognition of the hazards associated with inhaling flavoring chemicals started with 'popcorn lung' over a decade ago," Allen said in a Harvard news release
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It features three videos which show the reality of living with three different lung diseases - asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).
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A model holds a 12.03-carat blue diamond during a press preview by auction house Sotheby's in Geneva on November 4, 2015
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One of the FIFA executives arrested in Zurich last week as part of the U.S
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Last week, for example, activist hedge fund Barington Capital Group LP warned cosmetics maker Avon Products Inc
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Gaffney served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control Policy in the Ronald Reagan administration
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He continues to use a rare pigment-based developing technique, which creates, at first sight, an illusion of charcoal drawing.
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But experts think that James, who's now 31, is one of those rare megastars who will keep selling shoes for Nike long after he leaves the court.
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Its success largely revolves around the chemistry between its two young stars who are known online as Aldub.
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Finally this summer a psychologist confirmed what she already knew - that she had adult Asperger syndrome.
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"Most of us have to live violence in silence so when someone hits us or screams at us we just close our eyes and let go
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An agreement could be reached in the coming days, that person added.
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You’re the guy who never makes it to the wedding—you can’t even make it to the grocery store,” explained the author.
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The department attributed the projection to low oil prices.
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To counteract players simply camping in a spot, Rockstar has implemented a feature to reveal their blip on the map if they’re stationary too long.
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The sinfully divine garlic butter crab served at the stalwart Mangalorian seafood restaurant Trishna is so good you don’t even notice the drab interior and abrupt waiters
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To counteract players simply camping in a spot, Rockstar has implemented a feature to reveal their blip on the map if they’re stationary too long.
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In two examples, targets received an email from a phony organization purporting to oppose President Rafael Correa of Ecuador
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Trading sources said that a government meeting on Uralsfutures to be chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovichis scheduled to be held on Tuesday, Dec
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