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The messages reveal Jolie was “upset” with Sony bosses when she heard they’d offered Fincher the Jobs movie, because the scheduling would mean he would not be able to consider taking on her forthcoming Cleopatra film, which she had reportedly put on hold to direct new project Unbroken.

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"Malala's blood-stained uniform is a strong and heartbreaking symbol of the forces many girls are fighting for the right to go to school," he said. "The uniform has been kept by the family since the attempted murder in October 2012 and we are grateful that Malala has chosen to show it to the public in our exhibition."

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As Tesco shares have dived, so have expectations of its earnings. They now trade at 11.5 times expected earnings over the next 12 months, only 4 percent below its 10-year median, Thomson Reuters data showed. Analysts have cut their earnings estimates by 54 percent this year.

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Cosby, who might be best known for his role as wholesome father Dr. Cliff Huxtable, used his position as one of the biggest stars on television to encourage young people, particularly in underprivileged African-American communities, to get out of poverty by earning an education.

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The Sierra Nevada above 6,000 feet could see 3 feet of snow over the duration of the storm, with whiteout conditions caused by heavy wind. The weather service issued a blizzard warning for the northern Sierra Nevada, as far south as Yosemite National Park, from 7 a.m. Thursday to 4 a.m. Friday above 6,500 feet.

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"There is some talk you could see that take place within the oil majors community, and a return to mega-mergers as we saw in previous downcycles like 1997/98, 2002/3," said Will Riley, a manager of the $314 million Guinness Energy Fund.

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"Although the government might like the law to be different,nothing in the law requires a symmetry of information in thenation's securities markets," U.S. Circuit Judge BarringtonParker wrote for the three-judge panel.

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The sad thing about all this is that patients and support groups were only given a four-week consultation period to prepare our response, with many patients either too sick or unable to understand, or even have the energy to comprehend the full implications.

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A bipartisan provision to shore up distressed multi-employer pension plans and the government fund that guarantees them was taken out of the bill and proposed as an amendment facing a separate vote. Changes include raising insurance premiums for these plans and allowing them to cut benefits for non-disabled beneficiaries under 75.

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The ombudsman said the task force next appointed an external prosecutor to investigate the claims, but it is unclear the scope of the probe. In mid-2014, O’Reilly added, the process of lifting the waiver of immunity for a former Eulex staff was initiated.

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"The FA understands the importance of football clubs to their local communities and will continue to work with all relevant parties to ensure senior football returns to Hereford at the earliest opportunity."

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"We found that women who consume foods high in two sub-groups of powerful substances called flavonoids - flavonols and flavanones - had a significantly lower risk of developing epithelial ovarian cancer.

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"If the government would commit to ring-fencing the science budget in real terms, matching capital investment with resources so that new facilities can be run well, and setting a trajectory for investment in science above growth, we would see a real transformation in the UK's fortunes and future prospects."

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Berkowitz, according to court papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, made the crack in August after noticing Douglas had hired an African-American waitress and asked — behind closed doors, and in the presence of the assistant manager — who “the new darker girl was.”

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Last year was hobbled by technology problems that stopped consumers from shopping during the early months. In the first three weeks after opening for enrollment for 2015, has had nearly 8 million users, the agency said.

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Other cities also plan bus fare hikes, and Rousseff'sgovernment believes the timing of the move in January, when moststudents are on vacation, should help prevent new protests, asenior official told Reuters.