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It is my hope Tom will join the Gawker Media board and he will be a permanent member of the Product steering group, which decides on priorities. He continues to be vital to the culture: Tom was the one who got us all to read Ed Catmull's book on his light-touch management techniques at Pixar, a book that had a powerful effect on my thinking.

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US researchers analysed data relating to around 1,200 married men and women and found that older people who were in bad marriages had a higher risk of developing heart disease compared to people in happy marriages.

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There's a moist heating pad called a Thermophore that you can get in some drug stores or medical supply places. You put it on top of your mattress, under the mattress pad and sheet and you'll be very happy.

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Actress Anjelica Huston takes part in a panel discussion of NBC Universal's series ''Smash'' during the 2013 Winter Press Tour for the Television Critics Association in Pasadena, California in this file photo from January 6, 2013.

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Doctors and nurses were responding to the publication of the HSE's 2015 National Service Plan (NSP) on Thursday. While the funding allocated to the HSE for this period includes an additional €625 million - a 5.4% increase - this figure includes the 2014 deficit of €510 million, meaning that the net increase for next year will be just €115 million.

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry testifies before a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on ''Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against ISIL'' on Capitol Hill in Washington December 9, 2014.

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In New York, a group calling itself the NY Justice League asked local officials to fire Officer Daniel Pantaleo over Garner's death. They also urged the state to name a special prosecutor to investigate the Garner case and called for clearer laws regarding police use of lethal force.

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Adrian Hughes, chief inspector of adult social care in the south for the CQC, said enforcement action was not taken lightly because of the impact on residents. He said: "We made the providers aware of our concerns some time ago, but action has not been taken to maintain the safety and welfare of people."

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Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay have already carried out similar truth and reconciliation processes and convicted top officials, but authorities in Brazil have been shielded from prosecution by a 1979 amnesty law. The Truth Commission wants an end to amnesty, as do Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

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To see how many women are getting treatment according to the new guidelines, and whether it is affecting healthcare costs, the researchers examined claims data from private health plans covering early-stage breast cancer radiation treatments from 2008 through 2013. The database included 9.2 million women, or 7.4 percent of U.S. women.

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While cancer was not mentioned in the questionnaire, the participants were asked what, if any, symptoms they had experienced in the last three months, and what they thought had caused them. They were also asked if they were concerned about the symptoms and whether they had visited their GP as a result.

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Attorneys and witnesses sparred over just how aggressive the league was in trying to get a copy of the full video. The four law enforcement agencies that Goodell told the owners the league had sought the video from were the "New jersey State Police, the Atlantic County Solicitor's Office, the Atlantic County Police Department and the Atlantic City Police Department."

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NEW YORK, Dec 10 (IFR) - The International Swaps andDerivatives Association's Credit Determinations Committee saidon Wednesday it would reconvene tomorrow to discuss whether acredit event has occurred with respect to struggling electronicsretailer RadioShack.

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While traders should not be allowed to pay a corporateinsider for non-public information, she said, Wall Streettraders routinely "get a whole lot of information from peoplethat you talk to all the time."