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Unverified footage released by social media accounts sympathetic to the Taliban appeared to show heavy gunfire exchange.
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Globally, there have been nine deals with a value above $50bn this year, breaking new ground for large-scale activity, said Rob Pulford, a partner at Goldman Sachs
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In 2011, the government instituted the so-called "shutdown law" or "Cinderella law", whereby children under the age of 16 are banned from playing between midnight and 06:00.
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In Texas, where El Nio may bring an unseasonal chill, Cabela's is hoping that it will help to shift old stocks of cold weather hunting gear
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With more than one million active users across 192 countries, Grindr is the largest and probably the best-known gay platform
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With over five billion map-related requests per week, Apple Maps is used three times more frequently than Google Maps, according to Apple
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"Then on Monday morning we spotted another one down by the river and went back and brought her back to our farm
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Omega 3 fatty acids are widely considered to be important for good health
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The Spaniard proved unreliable in that 4-0 defeat
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The Bataclan shootings were part of a co-ordinated attack around Paris that killed 130 people
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Every retirement interview has been filled not with a vow to keep shooting, but with a sense of appreciation and respect for the game and his place in it.
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The logic is impossible to follow: We invaded Iraq to defeat the Baath Party, who were the enemies of Iran
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Rather than squeeze keys closer together, the Pixel moves less-used characters, such as brackets, to an on-screen display.
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"The time we will really be able to tell the effects could be in a century from now."
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While Siege is mostly about planning, you’d be surprised how fast it can turn into an all-out firefight.
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So in a city like Mumbai, for instance, Parsees, Jains, Goans and Maharashtrians will all shop for completely different ingredients in different markets.
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so he made that decision and we’ll move on.”
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If we pick you, we'll have our trusted financial experts give you practical help and tips on how to reach your financial goals.
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On his Chilean land, he created Pumalin Park, 716,606 acres of forest, lakes and fjords stretching from the Andes to the Pacific.
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4 seed, which comes with a first-round home game, surely against a team with a better record
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She said she had no information that another attackwas planned by the couple.
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"(We) had one conversation, but it was over two hours," Schwimmer said Monday
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It’s like running a car at 100 mph
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And, thanks to a charity, Sa’fyre and her adoptive family are heading to Walt Disney World, Dolder said.
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federal judge to help reach a settlement between Argentinaand creditors who rejected the terms of the country's 2005 and2010 sovereign bond restructuring.
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It was surreal to consider myself as someone with cancer
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SpaceX, meanwhile, hasn’t made a delivery since April because of a launch accident.
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In this mode, four players will square off in a confined space, equipped with just one Marksman Pistol and two bullets each
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Art deco goes Pop indoors, with rainbow-bright, stripy rugs, retro furniture and kooky bedheads
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