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He was the funniest player on the team, in a landslide

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“But as happened last time, if we can confirm it, and if there is a violation of any Security Council resolution, we will come here and we will seek appropriate action.”

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Dupuis wasn’t having a good season, but he was still an invaluable personality in a dressing room that all too often seemed anything but insulated from fan and media noise.

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He added that had he been in Stormont, he would have liked the job

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Cognitive decline or impairment is a risk factor for dementia, including Alzheimer's disease.

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Placement and variety is much more important than simply hurling everything you can at every available entryway.

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Despite all of these warning signs, the Federal Reserve is very likely to raise interest rates when it meets next week

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They are believed to be foreign entities that could have ceased operations.

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But he knew the people he was responsible for, including a terrified child, were relying on him for comfort and calm, so he provided it.

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During the same period, the researchers found an increase in cases across all races and ethnicities but especially in Hispanic children

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"I don't think it changed [momentum]

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She claimed she has a “bubbly” personality that students misread as flirtatious.

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“This case was politically motivated

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He was facing a felony charge of aggravated battery for allegedly hitting officers and spitting on them after they responded to the home.

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Hot deskers suddenly have a whole new way to work.

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The Apple wearable came in different color variants as well as band options in September, although there were no significant changes internally.

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The DoJ alleges that Mr Clark was a "high-ranking" operator on the Silk Road and was instrumental in helping Ulbricht run it

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Areas that experience a milder winter could generate lower revenues for auto parts supplier O'Reilly Automotive, as car batteries will survive better

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The system built by Chavez faces its gravest electoral test as voters cast ballots in what seems to have become a tightening race for control of the national legislature

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“By working to ensure those decisions are driven by consumer demand and not producer power, we can help competition in the beer industry remain on tap.”

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Yahoo has previously said it would sell its Alibaba stake in January

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"But it's really hard for me to say it's OK to be safe if you're not on the bag and the glove is tagging."

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Playing with three fouls, Stone opened the second half with a sky hook to extend Maryland’s lead

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Broadcasting beneath the blanket of protection afforded him by the first amendment, his show enjoyed national syndication, and had a small, but fanatical following.

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It could be argued that he was the most popular member of the team, save the superstars, but maybe including them as well

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Dated some time between July and October 2014, it details how Isis will build separate training camps for regular troops and veteran fighters

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The story said Major League Baseball has begun a domestic violence investigation into the incident

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SIR – On one point Baroness Butler-Sloss’s commission is certainly wrong

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They study strategy, technique, the opposition.

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The military's official account, a summary of which was disclosed on Nov

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — With many of this season's film awards categories still wide open, the Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations will help bring serious contenders into better focus

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An attempt to build the world’s biggest Rubik’s cube ended in disaster when the puzzle exploded as it was turned for the first time