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The first meeting to discuss the issue was held today. TheCommittee - composed of 10 sell-side and five buy-side votingmembers - is in the process of considering whether afailure-to-pay credit event has occurred.

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The city is in turmoil. Bridges and tunnels are being occupied intermittently, stretching cops to the limit to protect those protesting against them, all of which was wrapped around a full-fledged nor’easter.

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** India's Essar Group will sign a long-term crude oilimport deal with Russia's Rosneft OAO during PresidentVladimir Putin's visit to New Delhi on Thursday, government andindustry sources said on Wednesday.

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Jets quarterback Geno Smith has proven to be far from consistent in his second NFL season, but he sure remains confident in his level of play, insisting that he has shown flashes of play at a Pro Bowl caliber.

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The UK government says it is responding to EU demands by bringing forward new plans. Labour say the government has ignored the issue - they demand low-emissions zones in all of the UK’s major cities.

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The practices were a "a human tragedy that cannot be justified by any type of motivation," the report concludes. "At the same time that these reports expose scenes of horror that are little known by millions of Brazilians, they also honor the victims of crimes committed by the Brazilian government and its armed forces, which during the dictatorship instituted the systematic violation of human rights and the condition of a police state."

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not refer to the attack, but he canceled a planned live video broadcast the evening of Dec. 7 with the Saban Forum in Washington, limiting himself to a short, prerecorded speech due to “events in Jerusalem.”

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Lufthansa expects labour unrest to have wiped nearly 200million euros off its 2014 operating profit following two morestrikes last week by pilots over planned changes to an earlyretirement scheme.

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"Current proposals to regulate the Internet with early 20thCentury-era laws severely threaten continued growth... We urgeyou to oppose any efforts to unnecessarily regulate the openInternet," more than 100 members of the NAM wrote to FCCChairman Tom Wheeler and Republican and Democratic leaders ofthe Senate and the House of Representatives.

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The League's 41-year-old leader, Matteo Salvini calls the euro a "criminal currency" and wants to demolish the Brussels consensus that has dominated European politics since the end of World War Two. He is also, at odds with mainstream leaders, an admirer of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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What may be more surprising is that married people are a whopping 61 percent less likely to be involuntarily out of work than unmarried ones. And immigrants are somewhat less likely to be unemployed than native citizens (naturalized citizens by 19 percent and non-citizens by 32 percent).

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“Since we’ve made them feel safe again, they start complaining that we did too much,” said Hayden, who also questions the accuracy of the report. “No one involved with the program can even imagine how they got to this conclusion.”

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The Dow Jones industrial average was down 149.82points, or 0.84 percent, at 17,651.38. The Standard & Poor's 500Index was down 15.74 points, or 0.76 percent, at2,044.08. The Nasdaq Composite Index was down 25.66points, or 0.54 percent, at 4,740.81.

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The infants of overweight and obese mothers were found to have an increased risk of death due to birth asphyxia and other neonatal conditions, when compared with the infants of normal weight mothers. Meanwhile, the infants of very obese mothers were found to have an increased risk of death due to SIDS and congenital abnormalities.

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The kiwi has fallen about 10 percent against the U.S. dollarfrom its three-and-a-half year in mid-July, and thetrade-weighted currency basket, the RBNZ's preferredcurrency measure is about 2 percent below the bank's forecastmade in September.

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According to Swedish researchers, overweight and obesity are common among women of childbearing age and previous studies have suggested a link between a mother's obesity and an increased risk of infant mortality. However to date, findings have been inconsistent.

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"Today we have not seen any intervention and we have nosigns that anything is about to happen," Brian Thomsen, wholeads Bunge's agribusiness operations, said in a webcast of acompany presentation.

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"Women in authority positions are viewed as lacking the assertiveness and confidence of strong leaders. But when these women display such characteristics, they are judged negatively for being unfeminine. This contributes to chronic stress," Ms Pudrovska suggested.

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Despite teenage pregnancy in the US being at historic lows, it's still the case that a much higher proportion of US teenagers have babies than their counterparts in other countries in Western Europe - as Kristof points out.

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On Wednesday, Mr Valls acknowledged stiff resistance to the plans from within the ruling Socialist Party, remarking that the planned reforms were "more popular with the French voters than with some in public life".

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To more closely figure out how much waste is being dumped into marine ecosystems, an international team of scientists combined visual estimates of trash volume with data collected from trawling the oceans with nets in places like coastal Australia, Bay of Bengal, and the Mediterranean Sea.

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The approvals broaden the uses of commercial drones to include aerial surveying, construction site monitoring and oil rig flare stack inspections. Previous FAA exemptions were for aerial photography by seven television and film companies.

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But there has been plenty of emotion from fans and followers of both drivers, with Button sparking a lively reaction from an audience of motorsport insiders when he addressed the subject at last Sunday's Autosport awards in London.

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Jo Morgan, Ofsted Regional Director for the North West, said "It is a credit to teachers and school leaders that the educational outcomes for children and learners in the North West are improving. Eighty-six per cent of children are now going to a primary school that is good or outstanding.

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Boston would be seen as another such hi-tech cluster, with Harvard and MIT feeding ideas into technology firms. In London, Imperial College and University College London are planning expansions to tap into this drive for innovation.

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Her son's story is typical. According to the mother, he was detained twice, had been sentenced two times and tortured on a number of occasions. She believes these were the reasons why he decided to join the rebels.

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"In most of the countries in Western Europe, the rates have been going down steadily over the last few years," he says. The teenage pregnancy rate in the UK is the highest in Western Europe, which may explain why it has been faster in the UK than elsewhere.

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A long-running sore in the U.N. talks has been a desire among richer countries to focus on new emissions targets, which throws the onus on developing countries whose emissions are growing fastest as they try to improve their living standards.

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-- SOCAR, Azerbaijan's state energy company, to buy stakesin Greek natural gas grid operator DESFA from Greek natural gasutility DEPA (notified Oct. 1/deadline extended for the secondtime to April 22 from March 23)

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American News Flash: You would think by now, 238 years since the Declaration of Independence, that when British royals visit a place like Brooklyn, where people like my Belfast parents found refuge from the anti-Catholic and anti-Irish bigotry of the British Crown, that they can kiss our Yankee buns in Junior’s Cheesecake window.


Yet the EPA has repeatedly stated it has no plans to regulate the methane gas released when cows burp, and the White House's plans for the so-called Green Climate Fund did not bank on money from this fiscal year.

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Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur who owns SpaceX, believes developing the ability to easily access space with reusable rockets could lower the cost of traveling off Earth by as much as 99 percent. If this can be achieved, the lower costs could make colonization of Mars possible, moving humans permanently off Earth for the first time in our history.

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Hughes’ family has some past experience with shark encounters. His father was attacked by a shark in the 1960s while swimming in ocean waters about 6-feet deep. While any concern over that past experience might have briefly crossed his mind, Hughes said that all that mattered was to “get those sharks back in the water as soon as possible.”

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Many shareholders have bailed out during the 53 percentslide in Tesco stock since the start of the year, includinglegendary U.S. investor Warren Buffett. Concerns also remainabout the company's governance and strategy.

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The Russian fund was set up in 2011 with $10 billion instate funds. It can back investments as long as its partnersmatch it at least dollar for dollar. Dmitriev said he expectedto commit funds to the Indian projects next year.

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The algorithm did not work and the fund collapsed within twoyears since starting trading in April 2011, wiping out the vastmajority of its investments. (Reporting by Amrutha Gayathri in Bengaluru; Editing by JoyjeetDas)

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Upcoming changes could still be a long way off. "Thesereviews are an important milestone, but are no way the end ofthese particular projects," said Jonathan Sokobin, FINRA's chiefeconomist, in an interview.

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The national defense called for urgent measures. President George W. Bush tasked the CIA with the mission of gathering intelligence critical to security, which led to holding terrorists in secret locations, to legal opinions differentiating harsh interrogations measures from torture, and to the actions described by the committee report.

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The research by the National Center for Health Statistics compared birth certificate data in 27 states and Washington, D.C., with the numbers from a federal survey of the medical clinics that use assisted reproductive technology to join eggs and sperm in a laboratory dish.